Joe “SaysTax” Begins His “Bigger Government, Smaller Businesses” Tour

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason released the following statement regarding Congressman Joe Sestak’s small business tour.

“It’s kind of ironic that Joe Sestak is trying to portray himself as being fiscally responsible, considering he’s based his Congressional career on aggressively expanding government and voting for policies that destroy small businesses,” Gleason said. “Joe Sestak is no friend of small business. From his staunch support for the national energy tax known as cap-and-trade to his belief that the nearly $1 trillion stimulus package didn’t spend enough of our taxpayer dollars, it’s clear that Joe Sestak has earned the nickname Joe ‘SaysTax.’

“Pat Toomey knows what it’s like to run a small business in Pennsylvania, because he’s done it. He understands the devastating impact that higher taxes can have on a business that’s trying to create jobs in the community. Pat Toomey is running for the United States Senate because he wants to bring his experience as a small business owner to a Congress that sorely needs a fresh perspective.

“Pennsylvania voters are looking for their next U.S. Senator to support policies that will allow small businesses to grow and thrive, and the only choice this November is Pat Toomey!”