Democrats Still Refuse To ‘Spill The Beans’ On Job-Gate

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason released the following statement regarding U.S. House Judiciary Committee Democrats’ decision to oppose a Resolution of Inquiry regarding the White House’s attempts to bribe Congressman Joe Sestak out of the U.S. Senate race.

“Why are the Democrats working so hard to stop an investigation into the White House’s attempt to bribe Joe Sestak out of the U.S. Senate race?,” Gleason said. “Today’s vote to block the release of Justice Department communications regarding ‘Job-gate’ was disappointing… though not surprising, as it seems that keeping the American people from learning the truth about this administration’s ‘Chicago-style’ brand of politics has become one of the Democrat Party’s top priorities.

“Serious allegations have been made regarding the attempted bribery of a United States Congressman using taxpayer funds, and the Democrats think the American people deserve more than a promise that ‘nothing improper’ happened?

“It’s time for these tired shell games to end. It’s time for Joe Sestak and the Democrats to spill the beans! Today, the U.S. House Judiciary Committee voted to block a measure that would have asked the U.S. Justice Department to turn over all documents and communications regarding any attempts to bribe Joe Sestak out of the U.S. Senate race.” (Colby Itkowitz, “House Panel Rejects Sestak-Related Resolution,” Allentown Morning Call’s Pennsylvania Ave., 6/23/10)