Romanoff Gives Detailed Account Surrounding His White House Job Offer, Now It’s Time For Joe Sestak To Spill The Beans Too

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason released the following statement regarding news that the White House tried to buy yet another Democratic candidate out of the U.S. Senate race.

“From Governor Rendell’s private conversations with Rahm Emanuel to Joe Sestak’s continued unwillingness to discuss in detail the job he was offered by the White House, it’s become sadly apparent that Democrats are mired in a culture of shady back-room dealings,” Gleason said. “It’s this culture of ‘Chicago-style’ politics that Joe Sestak is helping to perpetrate. Unlike his counterpart in Colorado, Joe Sestak has yet to spill the beans regarding the White House’ attempts to buy him out of the U.S. Senate race, and has instead chosen to contradict himself whenever possible.

“The White House and Joe Sestak have yet to get their stories straight. The only thing missing from either account of the events that transpired surrounding their efforts to get Sestak out of the U.S. Senate race is the truth. Obviously the White House isn’t going to disclose any further details, so it is up to Joe Sestak to spill the beans on this issue. Spill the beans, Joe!”

On Wednesday night, while appearing on the Fox News show Hannity, Governor Ed Rendell acknowledged that the Sestak “Job-Gate” controversy and other bribes are standard operating procedure in Washington, D.C. Rendell also admitted to having conversations with Rahm Emanuel about getting Sestak out of the race.

RENDELL: This happens all the time. Let me give you a concrete example, because I know about this. Rahm Emanuel and I had discussions about this. We very much wanted to persuade Congressman Sestak to stay in the house and run for his seat he would have won easily now it is up for grabs. I know the administration did not want to offer him a job that would meant he had to leave congress, number one. Number two, when Rick Santorum was running for reelection 2006, I got a call from Chuck Schumer. He said Bob Casey is our strongest candidate that’s what our polls show, two other Democrats, Casey won’t run if he has a primary, I talked to one, I said, Joe you want to serve the public I will help if you withdraw. (Governor Ed Rendell, Hannity, The Fox News Channel, 6/2/10)