Specter Vs. Sestak: Phightin’ In Philly For The Extreme Liberal Vote

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason released the following statement regarding tonight’s Democratic U.S. Senate debate between U.S. Senator Arlen Specter and U.S. Congressman Joe Sestak:

“After watching the Democratic U.S. Senate debate tonight, the similarities between these two candidates certainly outnumber any differences — both Senator Specter and Congressman Sestak will stand in lockstep with liberal Senator Harry Reid by supporting the big government agenda being pushed by President Obama and Speaker Nancy Pelosi,” Gleason said. “From government-run health care to bailouts to wasteful stimulus legislation, both Arlen Specter and Joe Sestak believe that increased spending, more government and higher taxes are the only way to economic prosperity.

“While many Pennsylvanians are just now being introduced to the extremely liberal Congressman Joe Sestak, nearly everyone knows the exploits of our junior Democratic Senator Arlen Specter. While he may have changed his political stripes one year ago, one thing remains the same, Senator Specter still only cares about himself.

“Despite the big-government, far-left rhetoric thrown around tonight, Pennsylvanians know that there is still only one candidate running for this seat who understands that we need to cut spending, reduce taxes and limit the size of government in order to grow the economy. There is only one candidate in this race who is going to fight against the extreme liberal agenda of President Obama, Senator Harry Reid and Speaker Nancy Pelosi and that candidate is Pat Toomey. I am honored to support his campaign for U.S. Senate and I look forward to the day he is in Washington, D.C. fighting for the hardworking people of Pennsylvania.”