Republicans Speak Out Against Possible Terror Trial In Western Pennsylvania

PITTSBURGH — The Republican Party of Pennsylvania released the following statement regarding possible terror trials in western Pennsylvania.

“First and foremost, an elected official’s duty is to protect the constituents that they serve — something Congressman Altmire has sadly forgotten,” Roddey explained. “Allowing terror trials to occur in western Pennsylvania is a simply unacceptable scenario that will threaten the security of countless families and place an undue financial burden on our region. Perhaps Congressman Altmire should have thought his vote through before casting it.”

Chairman Roddey joined House Minority Whip Mike Turzai at a press conference today that took place at the Peebles Volunteer Fire Company in Allegheny County to discuss the possibility that terror trials may be held in western Pennsylvania.

Republican Party of Pennsylvania spokesman Mike Barley added, “It’s become evident that Congressman Jason Altmire’s voting record pose a critical threat to the safety of western Pennsylvanians. He took the wrong side by not actively opposing these trials in 2009. Altmire chose the favor of Nancy Pelosi and Democrat leadership over his constituents. He was for these trials occurring on U.S. soil, before he was against it! Pennsylvanians deserve to have real leadership in Washington, not politicians whose votes are predicated upon which way the winds of political expediency are blowing!”

On May 14, 2009, Congressman Jason Altmire joined Speaker Nancy Pelosi and fellow Democrats in advancing House Resolution 434, which allowed President Obama’s plan to transport terrorists onto United States soil to continue. (HR 2346: Roll Call Vote Number 261, 5/14/09,

Just a few months later, however, Congressman Altmire told television station WYTV that he would “will strongly and actively oppose any effort to move the trial to western Pennsylvania, which could result in an increased security risk for our region.” (“Representative Jason Altmire Joins Opposition to 9/11 Trials,” WYTV, 1/31/10,